This Blue-Checkmarked-Liberal On Twitter Just Compared Pelosi To Jesus, And He Needs To Freaking CHECK HIMSELF

I know liberals are fawning ALL OVER Pelosi and what conservatives perceive as a complete MELTDOWN today (because that’s precisely what it was – a complete and utter meltdown).  I mean, let’s get real here.  Nance didn’t want to do all of this impeachment crap.  She was forced into a corner by Wrinkly-Nads and his cronies.  Even though she hates Trump with a fury, she knew that there was no Actual Crime, and she knew it was a bad idea to impeach purely on hatred.  If you recall, back when she didn’t have 46,867 gallons of injectables in her head and was chewing her cud trying to remember that George W is NOT, in fact, the president right now, she had THIS to say about impeachment:

So yeah – she’s a raging hypocrite, first of all.  I think we’re all aware of that character trait of hers.

Secondly, Nance likes to swing around the Catholic thing when it’s convenient for her.  Case in point.  TODAY, it was super convenient for her when she flew into her rage:

Someone doth protest too much.

But listen – it’s interesting that Democrats took God out of their platform in 2012, and that Nancy wholeheartedly believes in murdering babies in their mother’s wombs, but she still considers herself a devout Catholic?  I’d like to hear from the Catholics out there, because I call absolute, utter bullsh*t on that.

Like a big, steaming, truckload of stinky crap.  It’s right there in the middle of the room, Nance.  You are all for killing babies.  You’re also for a few other things Catholics don’t stand for, but I’ll just go with the abortion thing (it’s kinda huge).  Catholics don’t believe in that.

Funny thing, though.  Because there’s a dude named Christopher J. Hale on Twitter that Actually Freaking Compared Nance to Jesus Christ.  He did that, y’all.  In real life:

I could LEARN something from her, he said.  So can you.  Christopher blue-checkmarked J. Hale said that to us.  On the Twitter box he did.

Good ol’ Nance, who believes in allowing scissors to be jammed into the spinal cords of innocent unborn babies?  She’s an enduring witness to truth and mercy and compaaaaaaaaaaaaaasion, oh-non-compassionate-minions-who-vote-Republican.

Checkmarked Chris wants you to know that.  And a lot of his super-woke and “I’m-like-totally-into-God-today-because-it’s-convenient-for-my-politics” friends want you to know that, too.

Also, Trump is, like, bad.  He has lots of money and has been married a lot and said the word p*ssy once like 18 years ago.  Never mind every Democrat’s personal life ever in the history of ever.  Nancy Pelosi is TOTALLY LIKE JEEEEEESUS, y’all!  Checkmarked Chris says so, and liberals agree!

There was backlash – including from me, even though I hardly ever get out on the Twitter machine.  Because, well, damn.

Anywho, I haven’t been Catholic for many years (before you ask in the comments, I go to a non-denominational church and enjoy a wonderful relationship with Jesus Christ), and I’m not sure who’s in charge of doing this, but whoever is responsible for telling her – can that person PLEASE let Nancy know that she ISN’T ACTUALLY CATHOLIC?  Because not only is she making Democrats look like idiots – she’s not doing any favors for the Catholics out there, either.


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