The Day That Was Dec. 4, 2019: When Jonathan Turley Destroyed The Case For Trump’s Impeachment

Another Democrat Impeachment Hearing, another show. Wednesday’s show begs the question if Americans might now see clearly (as in 2020) the lack of facts and pathetic Democrat Impeachment Syndrome (DIS) on full display.

If the Democrats had an impeachable offense, they’d have already issued articles of impeachment. But they don’t have a case, so on Wednesday, they put the spotlight on a group of liberal Trump-hating, college professors in yet another attempt to brainwash Americans into believing that Trump is impeachable.

The Democrats literally believe that at this point, after more than a decade of Obama’s liberal education indoctrination and after three years of liberal loons freaking out with their anti-Trump hate, that we now need to be lectured by liberal law school professors. Surely that will convince all of us to hate Trump as much as they do.

Today’s impeachment hearing witnesses included four Democrat law professors. Three of whom were called in by Chairman Jerry Nadler, and the fourth called in by the GOP. As I listened to their opening statements and comments, I felt like I was shopping for colleges and shadowing law students for the day to get a feel for the worst to best fit. And then in an instant, because of Jonathan Turley, I knew which college I’d pick for my kid.

Jonathan Turley (who teaches at George Washington University Law School) gave me hope – hope that there are still Democrats, specifically Democrat Professors, in this country who’ve not completely lost their minds after suffering three years of Trump Derangement Syndrome and decades of liberal indoctrination.

Turley was hands down the only person on the panel who was fair and impartial. He’s not a partisan supporter of Trump, and he stated how he disagrees with Trump on numerous issues. He also made it clear that he disagrees with the Democrats and their faulty reasoning for impeaching Trump. Turley believes in the rule of law, and he’s sticking to it.

“Impeachment Has to Be Based on Proofs Not Presumptions”
Turley absolutely destroyed the Democrats’ latest attempt to remove President Trump from office in his opening statement.
During the Republican time to question the witnesses, Turley made several points that shredded any remaining validity to the impeachment sham left in the room.
Turley argued that you can impeach on a non-crime but noted how this would be unprecedented in US history. He added, “Impeachment has to be base on proofs, not presumptions.”
Professor Turley also noted that this was “the narrowest impeachment in history.”
Jonathan Turley, “If you make a high crime and misdemeanor out of going to the courts, it is an abuse of power. It’s YOUR abuse of power.”

But the Democrats STILL. DON’T. GET. IT.

May I present, Exhibit A: the constitutional scholar bragged up by the media.  This guy Feldman represents one reason why and how Harvard law school has dumbed itself down in the past decade.

And despite Pelosi talking about her “COEQUAL BRANCH” of government until she’s blue in the face, Turley hits it home very well that there are THREE BRANCHES of government. He explains very accurately how “This Is Not How You Impeach an American President” and how Trump is allowed to go to the courts:

After Turley’s opening statement, the Democrats were speechless – they weren’t expecting Turley to debunk their entire case for impeachment. They were stunned, and then, of course, all of their questions went to their three liberal minions-for-professors.

Turley’s statement about “impeachment-by-anger” is one that should hit home with many Americans:

Turley shared that the Democrats’ case for bribery is … well, whatever Adam Schiff might be smoking.

And yet sadly, liberals STILL. DON’T. GET. IT. One has to skim through Twitter only about 30 seconds to see our fellow liberals ranting about how Turley is a fraud. “He voted to impeach Clinton back in the day, but now he’s in bed with Trump.”  This clip provides simple logic for fellow libs or anyone who needs a refresher on impeachment history.

If you impeach a President for going to the courts, that is an abuse of power, and it’s yours.

Turley’s full opening statement can be viewed here.

As for the other two most notable witnesses, their bias could not have been more obvious.

Exhibit B – Ms. Hold-Out-For-Holder:

And normally I’d not do this but she went after Barron Trump, so yeah, THIS:

Exhibit C: Back to Feldman.  He tried to travel through time and bring George Washington’s thought into his wokeness…

…and it seems as if he may have some history of his own to hide.

THE. DEMOCRATS. HAVE. NOTHING. ON. IMPEACHMENT…they never did and they certainly don’t now. But they do have this:

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