WH Press Secretary Responds to Bolton’s Twitter Woes

Rachel S

I’d “ok, boomer” John Bolton, but I’m pretty sure he was born before we started naming generations.

A few days ago, he was making news for his reappearance on Twitter after a long silence– an increasingly conspicuous silence, in fact, as the impeachment hearings drag on with no end in sight. But he’s back and wants the world to know:

He then insinuated that the White House was responsible for his impromptu hiatus.

Then he directly accused the White House of being responsible for his impromptu hiatus.

From CNN:

“They attached software to it and Twitter unattached software to it,” Bolton said. He did not explain what software he was referring to and did not comment on whether he plans to testify in the House impeachment inquiry.


. . . ok boomer. This is like when we had to explain hashtags to my dad.

Trump denied any involvement on Fox & Friends, but offered no alternative explanation for Bolton’s inability to log in. But that’s okay, because Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham did.

“Sometimes, I’ll use my father as an example, somebody who is of an advanced age may not understand that all you have to do is contact Twitter and reset your password if you’ve forgotten it so I’ll just leave it at that,” Grisham said on Fox Business’ Lou Dobbs Tonight.

Aaaand she’s probably right. Bolton is like, a thousand years old. I like to imagine him on the phone (it’s a corded phone) asking for Mr. Twitter himself, damn it, don’t you know who this is?! and then genuinely believing that password resets are only for the elite and politically connected such as himself. He probably bragged to his great-great-grandchildren about it and told them to pass on the story to their kids.

I’m sure we’ll be hearing more from him as the Democrats’ next “star” witness.

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