Vindman Pulls A Boxer – Wants To Be Referred To By His Whole Title Instead Of “Mr.”

Mockarena, Co-Founder


The responses to Jason’s question echo my own reaction:

EVEN IF, as some suggest on the thread, it was “correct” to acknowledge rank when being addressed in an official capacity, it’s kind of a big ask to expect civilian congress members to use it, when most of them probably don’t KNOW military ranks and aren’t accustomed to using them.

And honestly, it wasn’t like anyone was trying to disrespect the guy – calling him Mr. Vindman was perfectly polite.  It’s not like Nunes was all, “DUDE…” before asking him a question.

It just reminded me of this:

Right or wrong, when someone demands to be called by a specific title like this, it makes me instantly want to call them anything BUT that title.

Mr. Vindman, you can suck it.

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