We’ve Shifted From “Quid Pro Quo” To “Bribery”

Erin Evans

You may have noticed the Democrats have shifted from describing President Trump’s dealings with Ukraine as a “quid pro quo” to describing it as straight up “bribery.”

It’s no secret that the Democrats love to manipulate and control the language we use, but why this particular shift?

Because polling shows that voters think “bribery” sounds worse.

Democrats are shifting the language they use to describe the allegations against President Trump in the House impeachment inquiry.  And that change has come after the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee recently conducted focus groups to determine which description sounds more damning to voters, Fox News has confirmed.  The Washington post first reported the focus groups.

The paper said the DCC conducted these focus groups in key House battlegrounds and asked participants whether “quid pro quo,” “extortion” or “bribery” was more compelling.  “bribery” was determined to be more effective.

So, this had nothing to do with better describing the alleged misconduct.  It wasn’t done to improve the impeachment inquiry.  Nope – it was done solely to get voters more upset with President Trump.  It was done because the Democrats know that these impeachment proceedings won’t end with Trump’s removal.  President Trump might get impeached by the House, but (unless something major changes) he won’t be removed from office by the Senate.  That means the Democrats real goal is to tarnish the president’s reputation in the lead to the 2020 election.

Once again, actions and facts show this whole thing is filled with political partisan hackery

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