Whistleblower Update, Rapper TI Is Suuuuuper Protective Of His Daughter, And Someone Needs To Explain This Murder Case In California

Daisy, Co-Founder

We covered some ground in this morning’s FB Live, y’all.  From the whistleblower not being an actual whistleblower but a partisan HACK to rapper TI being waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay creepy-overprotective of his daughter’s virginity to a case in California where a woman gave birth to a stillborn child, because of meth use.  She’s now being charged with MURDER, but if she would’ve aborted the child three weeks prior, she would’ve not been charged with anything at all.  Because abortion is completely wack, and those who support it are even wacker with their arguments for it.

Also, we teased this week’s podcast that we did with Dan Crenshaw.

You can listen to it right here:

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