Mark Zuckerberg Interviews With Dana Perino And Never Addresses Banned Conservatives

Well, this interview was a missed opportunity, by a landslide.

“Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg appeared on Fox News for an exclusive interview with Dana Perino earlier today, in which he repeatedly stressed his commitment to free expression — but he did not address the issue of the numerous prominent conservatives who are still banned from the platform.”

This interview is so disingenuous it’s disgusting. Zuckerberg continuously emphasized the importance of having “legal rights to call out something we think is wrong” in the same breath that he suggests, “freedom of expression is important.” So… do as I say, not as I do. Honestly it was just a big brag-fest about how amazing Facebook is. What the frick.

“The Facebook CEO was also not asked about his platform’s list of potential “hate agents,”which it uses to monitor high-profile political figures for potential banning, or its “deboosting” technology, which company whistleblowers say has been used to suppress the content of mainstream conservatives.

Dana Perino wasn’t asking ANY of the hard-hitting questions! She briefly discussed cyber-bullying and Elizabeth Warren stating that she didn’t want to accept any funds from ads on Facebook’s platform. Big whoop.

“I generally believe as a principle that people should decide what is credible and what they want to believe and who they want to vote for,” continued Zuckerberg.

At the same time, the Facebook CEO said there are “specific things … about the internet that we need to address.”

“Some people choose to use their voice to organize violence… people can spread misinformation faster than they were able to before, people can form new types of communities that have the potential to lead to polarization, you can livestream events now, which helps us be present with each other and capture moments we [couldn’t] before, but it also helps people stream things like terrible acts of violence.”

For each of these things the internet platforms and Facebook especially, we have a responsibility to make sure that we address these harms and make sure that we can address these risks,” said Zuckerberg.

I’m wondering if he only agreed to interview with Fox News because he knew he could just frolic his way around ever being direct? We all know for damn certain that Tucker Carlson never would’ve let him talk in these circles about stroking Facebook’s figurative ego. Nor would he have allowed Zuckerberg to dodge answering the questions in a direct way. Tucker would’ve at least ASKED the right questions.

I’m so annoyed right now. He could’ve summed up this entire interview with something like this –

“Well ya know, people are being people in a democracy and some people like it but some people don’t. Oh, and Facebook is the bee’s knees.”

Can’t say this flabbergasts me. I mean, you can’t spell Perino without RINO.

Feel free to watch for yourself –

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