Joe Biden Won’t Answer Questions on Ukraine, Son Hunter Has a New Gig

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Joe Biden is NOT happy with the way the whistleblower report is playing out for him on the campaign trail.  He doesn’t want to answer questions about Ukraine; he thinks the scandal should be all about President Trump.

Nevertheless, Joe Biden is sticking by his son, Hunter Biden.  Joe says Hunter will continue to campaign with him.

It might be more political savvy to tell Hunter to just say home until this all blows over, but I’ll give Joe props: he’s always been a family man.

Biden also said Hunter has a new gig teaching law school.  There are no details yet on what exactly he’ll be teaching or at what school, except it’s a West Coast school.

I’m not sure what Hunter Biden is qualified to teach.  When I was in law school, our professors all had actual experience practicing law.  Hunter graduated from Yale Law School in 1996, but he’s spent very little time practicing law – he’s mostly worked as a lobbyist and business executive.  His first job out of law school was with a bank that happened to be a big donor to his father’s campaigns.  I may have more experience actually practicing law than he does.

Hunter Biden’s life story is basically a cautionary tale about privilege and nepotism.  He’s had a litany of issues – he had an affair with his brother’s widow, he was discharged from the Navy Reserve over cocaine use, he has ties to corrupt and shady figures, and he has a woman in Arkansas claiming he’s the father of her child, to name a few.  And he’s continually gotten high level, high profile jobs with very little experience or expertise.

In conclusion,

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