Elizabeth Warren Lie Disproven by New Video

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Gosh, what can you do when you’re a wealthy white woman, but want to run on a platform of victimhood and marginalization? Well, if you’re Elizabeth Warren, you make sh*t up. Because that went so well for her the last time.

Since the whole “Native American” thing fell through (on account of being totally false and grossly offensive), Warren decided to focus on a more patently true identity in order to gain street cred among her SJW fan base, and peppered in a bit of casual sexism to explain her departure from education.

Warren told an audience at a town hall in Carson City, Nev. Wednesday that she had “loved” working as a special needs teacher.

“By the end of the first year, I was visibly pregnant, and the principal did what principals did in those days,” she said. “Wish me luck and hire someone else for the job.”

Warren has repeated the story at campaign appearances throughout the summer, each time repeating the “principal did what principals did” line to describe her departure from teaching.

Of course, Warren was a saint among saints who just wanted to help out and do right by children, but the Big Bad Sexist™ got in her way and stopped her from EVER teaching again.

Except. . . well, no. Not according to a 2008 interview, anyway:

“I was married at nineteen and then graduated from college [at the University of Houston] after I’d married. My first year post-graduation, I worked — it was in a public school system but I worked with the children with disabilities. I did that for a year, and then that summer I actually didn’t have the education courses, so I was on an ’emergency certificate,’ it was called.

“I went back to graduate school and took a couple of courses in education and said, ‘I don’t think this is going to work out for me,'” Warren continued. “I was pregnant with my first baby, so I had a baby and stayed home for a couple of years, and I was really casting about, thinking, ‘What am I going to do?'”

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“And my husband’s view was, stay home. You know, we have children, we’ll have more children, you’ll love this. And I was very restless about it.”

HMMMMMMMMMMMM. Which story is more likely to be true: The one that was told over a decade ago, before her run for president and before it was trendy to be a victim, or this campaign narrative now, which just so happens to be the PERFECT angle to trap more voters?

It’s laughable that she thinks she can keep getting away with this. The truth will come out, Liz. Every damn time. You should know that by now.