Florida Middle School Test Calls President Trump An ‘Idiot’

Ashley (Kimber)

A Florida middle school student’s father wrote an outraged social media post after his daughter was supposedly given a test question calling President Trump an “idiot.”

What in the WORLD?!

You know some idiot teacher out there thinks she’s being soooo funny. You’re not, moron. You’re succeeding in ripping our country apart.

According to this: 

The test, given to students at Duncan Middle School in Palm Beach County, described President Trump as a businessman, a Republican and an idiot.

“This was an actual question on my daughters middle school test today. Furious,” the man wrote. “Going to raise some hell with the principle. Indoctrination will not continue.”

Sadly, it will continue.

I went to college with a lot of people who are now “teachers.” I find that absolutely terrifying. I see their social media – and there is NO WAY they’re not brainwashing those kids.

A spokesperson for the Palm Beach County School Board tells The Todd Starnes Radio Show that the incident is under investigation. They provided me with a letter that was mailed to every parent at the school.

“The question was inappropriate and demonstrated an unacceptable lack of good judgment on the part of the teacher,” Principal Philip D’Amico told parents.



The teacher has been reassigned pending the outcome of the investigation.

“I apologize for this incident and for the offensive verbiage used in the question,” the principal wrote to parents.

That teacher should not have been “re-assigned.” Clearly this person has no place in an educational setting.

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