While Greta Thunberg And Friends Were Whining About The Environment, A Group Of Conservatives Actually DID Something To Help.

Mockarena, Co-Founder

Greta Thunberg took an yacht trip across the ocean to come to the US to bitch about the climate.  Thousands of students skipped school to rally behind her cause.  Adults skipped work to protest the “inaction” on climate change.  Exactly 0% of those things did anything to help anything, and in fact, more than likely they just contributed to the very problem they were bitching about.

But meanwhile, on the east coast, conservative Scott Presler organized a massive clean-up effort in Los Angeles, in one of the more disgusting and filthy homeless camps.  Check this out:

Scott documented a bunch of the work:

BRAVO, Scott – to you and to everyone who helped you with this work.

Remember who actually gets sh*t done when you watch liberals falling all over themselves to prop up people like Greta Thunberg.  And remember that she is being raised by these people:

Nice Antifa shirts y’all have there.


And do you think Scott’s efforts will be praised by Gov. Newsom?  Do you think his story will be told on the MSM?  NOPE.  What SHOULD be a massive human interest story will get totally ignored by today’s “journalists” on MSNBC and CNN, etc., because they’re far too busy giving Greta Thunberg attention.

Share Scott’s story.  Show everyone you know what REAL progress looks like.

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