Candace Owens DEMOLISHES Chairman, Witnesses in Hearing on White Supremacy

Rachel S

Inviting Candace Owens to be part of the Congressional hearing on white supremacy is one of the best calls Republicans have made in a while. Why? Because, as a wise and inspiring teacher once told me, meaningful change in a system has to come from the outside. Owens is not a politician. She is free from the obligations to constituents and the nagging shadow of reelectability. So when the Democrats and their witnesses bully and demean her behind the veil of wokeness, she’s well able to tell them exactly where they went wrong. And boy, did she ever.

You may have seen the latter part of this clip in isolation circulating social media, but I wanted to share this longer clip so you have the benefit of context. Without the context of the other witnesses’ blatant mischaracterization and the clarification and defense of her comments by the other chair members, her speech is only half as delicious. Enjoy it now in all its righteous glory.

It’s hard to pick a favorite moment, but I think mine is when she points out the whiteness of the three “experts” to her right (I put “experts” in quotes because I feel like David Duke is the just about the only person we should be comfortable calling an expert on white supremacy) and offers her own credentials. “Do you want to know what my expertise are? Black in America. I’ve been black in America my whole life, all thirty years.” I LOVE turning people’s own tools against them. Argue with that one, intersectionalists. Check your privilege. Listen to minorities when they tell you about their experiences because they are OBJECTIVELY RIGHT ABOUT THEM ALL THE TIME.

I could honestly watch this clip on a loop. Tell me your favorite part in the comments.

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