Thanks? Cory Booker Promises To Give 150 Million Americans ‘A Tax Increase’

Ashley (Kimber)

Cory Booker’s really proud of this one, y’all.

During an interview with CNN’s Erin Burnett, Spartacus proudly grinned as he explained how he’ll get RID of President Donald Trump’s tax cuts and give 150 million Americans “a tax increase.”

Slow clap for this dude. That’s EXACTLY what Americans want! A TAX INCREASE!

Is it me, or does Erin’s face say it all?

She might not be saying it…but her face is SCREAMING “WTF are you saying right now?”

We are RIGHT THERE WITH YOU, girl. We can’t stand Booker, either.

Leftists realize they’re free to send in as much money as they want, right? If they want to pay more taxes NOTHING IS STOPPING THEM. GO AHEAD AND PAY MORE TAXES! Hell, send ALL of your money in! Refuse a refund! GO GO GO!

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