Triggered By A Trump 2020 Hat, Woman Writes Her Local Newspaper To Complain.

Mockarena, Co-Founder

I had to double check that this was real, and you guys, it’s real.  Check this out.

If that’s too small for you to read, here’s the full text of the Letter To The Editor that some ridiculous woman named Cheryl Boyles sent to the Green Valley Newspaper (Green Valley is just south of Tucson):

The Trump Effect?

This past Tuesday, at a Trader Joe’s in Tucson, a male shopper came in wearing a “Trump 2020” t-shirt.  My husband and I immediately felt threatened and observed the entire mood of the store shift as well.  We quickly and cautiously finished our shopping and moved to the checkout stands.

Before we left, my husband asked our checkeR – a Caucasian woman – to convey to management the anxiety we had just experienced at suddenly finding ourselves in a confined space with a man who looked the part of a typical Trump-terrorist.

We were not prepared for our checker’s response.  Thanking us both profusely, she grabbed my husband’s hand like a lifeline, two fingers flying to check her own neck pulse.  The Trump shopper had just been through her line and her heart was still racing with fear – she actually needed us to help her calm down!  I wanted to run after this man and ask if he knew what he had done to this hapless woman, what he had done to us, but of course he knew; that was the point and he’s got plenty of dark-minded company, and that’s the most terrifyingly awful thing of all.

Cheryl Boyles

I can’t even with that bullsh*t. It makes me want to slap Cheryl Boyles across the face and tell her to snap out of whatever twisted psychosis is gripping her, because DAYUM.

Happily, the response to her utter absurdity by readers of the paper was swift and furious. You can read many of the responses right here. But the best response? The one from the Editor himself.

Dan Shearer wrote a follow up piece, and it’s fantastic. In it, he writes that he talked to Cheryl after publishing her letter, and let her know that out of the 50+ letters to the editor that he received in response to her diatribe, not one of them was written in support of her. Not one.

Apparently, Cheryl writes screenplays for a living, but insisted that her traumatic experience at Trader Joe’s was all too real.

“He had a whole look about him and an air about him. It was way more than a shirt… it felt different,” she said.

Give me a break.

Dan went on to say that only two people canceled their newspaper subscriptions over the incident, and actually one person even became a new subscriber. It was Cheryl Boyles herself. CAN YOU EVEN?

In defense of his decision to publish Cheryl’s letter, Dan wrote, “Why did I publish her letter? We fact-check facts, we don’t fact-check experiences. She had as much right to share her experience as anybody. I had no right to dismiss it or to tell her how to feel. But, sure, I knew she’d get blown out of the water. Green Valley has a way of taking care of these things and I had no desire to rescue Cheryl from herself.”

Dan admitted that Cheryl’s letter was the oddest he’s ever seen in his 30 year career, but insisted that Cheryl’s going to be just fine after her “brutal trip to the woodshed.” She told him, “I don’t internalize it or personalize it in any way. They don’t know me.”

Oh, but we do, Cheryl. You’re the poster girl for a triggered, liberal snowflake who doesn’t know anything about anything, and who projects your own hatred onto others without cause. You’re a case study in Trump Derangement Syndrome. And by the way, nice hat.


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