Dan Crenshaw Points Out Difference Between Protests in Hong Kong and Portland

Erin Evans

If I could grab a beer with any politician, I’d probably choose Texas Representative Dan Crenshaw.  He’s constantly dropping the mic on the liberal narrative, and just seems like an awesome dude.

This weekend, Crenshaw compared the “antifascist” protests in Portland with those happening in Hong Kong.

Crenshaw’s tweet came as Antifa protesters clashed with the far-right Proud Boys in Portland. Videos of the conflict have been circling the internet.  As of Saturday night, Portland’s mayor deemed the event “largely peaceful” – only thirteen people had been arrested and only six had been injured.

Crenshaw’s tweet is spot on.  In Hong Kong, the people are fighting for their right to independence and democracy.  Hong Kong is supposed to operate largely independently, but they fear increasing economic, cultural, and political influence from mainland China.

In Portland, you have masked figures resorting to violence in the name of free speech because they refuse to engage in political discussions with those they disagree with.  You have people engaging in fascist tactics in the name of “antifascism.”

The violence now happening regularly in Portland has no place in a civilized society.  Crenshaw is right.  Portland is a sad showing of what is happening in America.  We need to figure out how to move past violence and return to using words to debate ideas, instead of trying to shut down opposing voices.

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