Family of El Paso Shooting Victim Receives Death Threats For Meeting With President Trump

Ashley (Kimber)

The hatred for our President really seems to bring out a special kind of sick in the world, doesn’t it?

The family of a couple that died trying to protect their baby from the El Paso shooter on August 23 is reportedly receiving death threats for having met with our President after their horrific loss.

…Proving all over again, that there are legitimately evil people in the world.

According to Daily Wire:

Andre and Jordan Anchondo, the parents of two-month-old Paul, were shot and killed by the El Paso shooter in a Walmart in an attack in which 22 people were murdered. Jordan was trying to protect her young son while Andre was trying to shield both of them. Paul was left with broken fingers.

After the massacre, Trump visited El Paso, where he met with members of the Anchondo family, including Paul’s uncle Tito Anchondo, who is a Trump supporter, as was his brother Andre.

Tito Anchondo had told National Public Radio, “I want to see his reaction in person. I want to see if he’s genuine and see if my political views are right or wrong and see if he feels maybe some kind of remorse for statements that he’s made.”

Clearly, Tito felt animosity towards the President, though I appreciate that he was willing to speak to him man to man at this difficult time of loss.

While Trump was there, a photo was taken of first lady Melania holding Paul Anchondo as President Trump smiled; Tito Anchondo was in that photo.

Jordan’s grandfather, John Jamrowski, said the hospital had informed him that President Trump was coming; he said he wanted to avoid making a political statement if he declined to meet with the president. He asserted, “We’re politically neutral. We discussed it as a family and said, ‘You know what, this could be spun around.'”

He was right.

Tito Anchondo said that after the photo was posted he received death threats, according to The Daily Mail. He stated, “We should be coming together as a country at this time instead of threatening each other with hate messages,” adding that Trump “was just there to give his condolences and he was just being a human being. Is it that hard to try and understand that a family is trying to not be sad at a moment like this? We’re trying to be as strong as we can. My brother is gone.”

Trump “was just there to give his condolences and he was just being a human being.” The sick ANIMALS threatening this family have no idea what that’s like.

Absolutely sickening.

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