Alec Baldwin’s Theory On Epstein’s Suicide is the Most Bizarre Yet

Ashley (Kimber)

There are a lot of theories on what happened the night Jeffrey Epstein died.

Some of them make a lot more sense than others.

This? Well…

Alec Baldwin’s theory is about as insane as it gets:

Um. Wut?

According to Breitbart:

Actor Alec Baldwin claimed that financier and convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein was killed by the Russian state, which Baldwin said is now “in charge of everything” as a result of the Trump presidency.

Epstein, who was facing charges of child sex trafficking, was found dead in his cell on Saturday at the Metropolitan Correctional Center in New York. The timing of his death, as well as the fact that he had been taken off suicide watch, has fanned multiple conspiracies about whether he was murdered in order to prevent him from ever revealing damaging information on powerful people and politicians.

The Saturday Night Live star added fuel to fire over those conspiracies by arguing Epstein was murdered by the Kremlin.

Of course, this shouldn’t be all that surprising.

Alec’s obsession with Russia is a full-blown mental disorder.


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We’ll pray for you, Alec. You need it.

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