Marianne Williamson Confused and Upset By “Well-Strategized Intentional Smear”

Rachel S

Marianne Williamson is polling at 1% and I for one could not be more disappointed.

In fairness, she was one of 87 long shot candidates we saw in the last two polls, and her complete and utter lack of political experience is seen as a bad thing to the party that felt comfortable nominating a candidate with a lifetime’s worth of government scandals. No one can claim to be surprised.

Well, outside of Marianne Williamson.

With her increase in popularity (if not poll numbers), Williamson has begun to receive the treatment the more prominent of candidates have been facing for months, if not years. She’s particularly faced backlash for remarking that a diagnosis of clinical depression is a “scam,” and, on the same note,

She also once posted a Twitter message after actor Robin Williams’ death, suggesting it was related to the use of antidepressants. The tweet linked to an article written by an organization funded by the Church of Scientology, which doesn’t believe in psychiatry.

Big yikes. But also not surprising. Depression can’t possibly be a real thing; it’s just the trauma of facing the dark forces of collectivized hatred in this country.

But my favorite thing is how blindsided she apparently is about this:

“It’s very frustrating because I like to think on the left we don’t do things like that. So it’s been a bit of a wake-up call,” she continued. “But apparently there’s some very powerful forces that want to make sure I’m not in that third debate so I must be doing something right if they’ve worked so hard to create that.”

Of all the crazy things this crazy weirdo has said, this is by far the craziest. “On the left we don’t do things like that?” Gurl, that’s ALL the left does! I know, I know, she’s been living in a different universe this whole time, but good Lord, this is a woman on an entirely different dimension from us. I’m rolling.

She did definitively earn her Democrat badge, however, with some comments made at the Iowa State Fair:

“The talking points are obvious. And I have to tell you something – there’s an ancient strain of misogyny which says about any woman that doesn’t toe the line that is the status quo to just back up. She’s scary. She’s dangerous.”

Theeeeere’s the ol’ sexism card. I expect to see her poll numbers SKYROCKET after that. You did it, Marianne. You’re officially a Democrat. Welcome aboard, we on the right are SO happy for you.

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