Jeffrey Epstein Is Dead.

Mockarena, Co-Founder


So much for hearing straight from the horse’s mouth about the escapades of Jeffrey Epstein. 

According to the sourcelink, Epstein apparently committed suicide overnight, even though just two weeks ago, he was placed on suicide watch after being found with neck injuries.

So basically suicide watch at the Manhattan Correctional Facility in Manhattan is really really ineffective.

As you probably know Epstein was awaiting trial for charges of sex trafficking of young girls, and in general being a complete skeeze.  He was arrested July 6, pled not guilty, and is now dead.

A bunch of douments related to the case had been released yesterday, and some high profile names were implicated (including former Gov. Bill Richardson, a prominent MIT professor, and former Senator George Mitchell.) They’re all denying everything. Both Bill Clinton and Donald Trump are seemingly off the hook when it comes to allegations of anything other than simply knowing Jeff Epstein.

I know this is totally inappropriate and ill-timed for me to ask right now, but I kinda wanna know where his fortune is going, don’t you?  Trying to muster up some sympathy for people who may have actually loved this man, but were there any?

Anyway, he’s gone.

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