Jerry Nadler’s Announcement On ‘Formal Impeachment Proceedings’ Ends In The Ultimate Buzz Kill

Ashley (Kimber)

Jerry Nadler, once again, is trying to pretend he’s a tough guy.

And once again, he’s letting the rabid left entirely down:

…Or we won’t.


Translation: we KNOWN this is a sack of bullcrap, but we’re trying to run the clock out before the 2020 elections.


This is completely and entirely for show. And it’s not even a particularly good show.

The Left is NOT satisfied:

Lol. That’s EXACTLY what he’s doing, pumpkin.

“Instigating mass murder.” Got it.

The past TWO YEARS have been a headline-driven spectacle, John.

These people are truly messed up. WHERE are their priorities at this point?!

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