Satirical News Site Threatens Legal Action Against Fact Checker

Rachel S

For proof that we live in a post-truth world, see the headline.

Babylon Bee is a satirical news site with a conservative and Christian bent under the direction of Seth Dillon. It’s a masterpiece, but I suspect that many of you already know that. I’m given to understand that there’s a lot of overlap between Babylon Bee readers and the COTR base. Because y’all are smart.

You know who’s not? Snopes, apparently. They have a long history of fact-checking articles from the Babylon Bee, with pieces by The Onion for good measure, because the concept of satire is apparently lost on them. And, as amusing as it is to imagine someone trying to patiently explain to your tech-illiterate aunt that no, Hillary Clinton isn’t demanding reparations for candidates who lost to Trump, it’s actually a really bad thing. But don’t take my word for it. Take the founder of Babylon Bee, Adam Ford’s:

Alright I know that’s a lot of tweets, but it’s important. It’s a crystal clear example and explanation of the blatant bias of “impartial” publications. And comedy– satire in particular– is inherently rooted in power structures, and the upset of those power structures. To stifle it is authoritarian. Which is why the Bee is fighting it:

Godspeed, Babylon Bee.

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