Trump’s Rally, Mario Lopez, And Our New Podcast…It’s All In Our Pre-Weekend Video!

Daisy, Co-Founder

Trump was pretty trumptastic in his Cincy rally last night.  Remember, folks – It’s only raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaacist to call a city infested and disgusting and poverty-stricken when that comment is coming from a white dude TOWARDS a black Democrat dude (really when it’s coming from Trump, let’s get real).

Also, according to the liberal social warrior police, you can’t parent your kids anymore. That’s right.  Kids at age 3 are “woke” enough to be able to determine everything about their sexuality, and listen – if they say they’re a dinosaur, too?  As parents, we should turn them into dinosaurs now, because why on earth would we deny children their dinosaur agency?  Shame on you, Mario Lopez, for daring to say that 3-year olds MAAAAAAAAY not know what they’re talking about at age 3.  You intolerant jerk.

Of course, like any good celebrity, Mario Lopez caved and apologized for comments he made on Candace Owens’ show, because Lord forbid he have a backbone and stand up against the liberal machine. Aaaaaaand, they’re going after his CAREER now, because of course.

Y’all have a WONDERFUL Friday!

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