AOC’s Rant About Climate Change Affecting Flint, Michigan Goes Completely Off The Rails

Ashley (Kimber)



Yeah, ok then, sweetheart.

I earlier write about a prominent meteorologist who schooled the Socialist Princess on her “everything is CLIMATE CHANGE!” rhetoric.

It’s too bad she didn’t read the thread before she blamed climate change for *looks at notes* the Flint water crisis.


Lead in Flint water is ABSOLUTELY an issue that must be addressed…

That has NOTHING to do with climate change.

Watching her get as worked up as she does, waving her arms around like an inflatable car lot balloon man (y’all know what I’m talking about) goes from comical to straight up pathetic when you realize how nonsensical the garbage spewing from her mouth is.

Like… does she realize she’s ALWAYS wrong? Even just a little? Is she pranking us at this point?!

Dirty pipes, climate change. Same thing, right?

Sure, but both the Bronx and Flint, Michigan are run by Democrats…so they WON’T be handled at the local level.

Gotta package them into the Green New Deal! Duh!

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