MSNBC’s Donny Deutsch Thinks ‘Make America Great Again’ Is ‘All About Racism’

Ashley (Kimber)

What does Make America Great Again mean to YOU?

I think of economic prosperity, global competitiveness, and common sense values.

I think of low unemployment, and good-paying jobs for Americans. I think or turning in and fixing our home before we fix everyone else’s problems.

Nowhere do I think of race.

But for the Left… that’s all there is.

MSNBC’s Donny Deutsch reminded us just how insufferably unhinged the left is with this little rampage:

“When I see a poll that says Elizabeth Warren beating or even with Donald Trump in Texas, I say no, that’s just not — I love Elizabeth Warren — that’s just not true. You know it, I know it. To me, more than ever, the first time around in the polls we miss by a few points because people were guilty about admitting they were voting for Trump. They’re more guilty now. Think about the way polls are done. I believe it’s all about racism, make America Great Again is make America white again and he keeps going down and down. So think about it, a stranger calls you up and now you’re basically endorsing this behavior. I think these polls are probably less accurate than any polls in the history of polling. Doesn’t mean he’s in trouble, but not to this extent.”

I’ll agree with him – people are afraid to admit they support our President, and may not be revealing their support in polls.


It’s sad that people with so much power over public opinion can be THIS twisted.