OJ Is Appropriately Communicating On The 13th Circle Of Hell, And Rachel Dolezal Wants Attention. Again.

Daisy, Co-Founder

In today’s video, we discuss two absolute train wrecks on this fine Monday morning:  OJ Simpson – that wife-beating-then-murdering psychopath who would now like to “set the record straight” on the 13th Circle of Hell, Twitter – which is quite apropos, really.  I can’t wait for Khloe and Kris to weigh in on his deep thoughts.

Peak 2019, y’all.  Wow.

Also, Rachel Dolezal hasn’t had enough attention for pretending to be a black person, so now she wants to be included in Pride Month, so she’s telling everyone that she’s Bi.  Because she thinks that people give an Actual Sh*t who she does or does not sleep with.

Again.  2019, y’all.  Soak it in.

Happy Monday, everyone!  Stay woke, my friends.  Or whatever.

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