Google Must Face Conservative Employees’ Discrimination Lawsuit, Judge Rules

Rachel S

Well, here’s a day few of us expected to see.

Google is facing a lawsuit for discriminatory hiring practices— against conservatives, primarily, but also whites, Asians, and men. Is this the Twilight Zone? It feels like we’re in the Twilight Zone.

According to Breitbart:

The case was sparked by the firing of James Damore in 2017 after he wrote an internal memo — subsequently leaked to the press by leftists within the company — calling for more political diversity at the company.

After Damore initiated legal proceedings, other former Google employees joined the class-action lawsuit. Damore has since exited the case and entered arbitration, but the case will still proceed on behalf of the other plaintiffs.

Granted, it is early days in the proceedings, but the fact that the lawsuit has made it this far is kind of a miracle in 2019 in California. It’ll be interesting to watch progressive media address the case as it unfolds— if, indeed, they address it at all. Is the fact that the state is willing to investigate allegations of discrimination against whites and men and conservatives proof that the system is rigged against minorities?

Maybe I’m being ungenerous in my speculation of how the news will be received by the types of people accused of the hiring discrimination. But with the rhetoric that’s out there, in which being pro-woman, pro-LGBTQ, pro-minority is frequently and tragically equated with being anti-man, anti-straight/cisgender, anti-white, it’s hard to give a lot of credit. Hopefully this case will push a reset button for America and remind us what “equality” actually means— and it’s not flipping the tables on who gets to be the “privileged” class. It means the abolition of a privileged class. If this is the first step in righting the overcorrection we’ve seen in recent years, it’s a pretty major one; I, for one, will be following it closely.