MSNBC Host Asks Beto What Media Can Do To Help His Failing Campaign

Ashley (Kimber)

Beto’s campaign is toast.

Seriously – No one’s really talking about him anymore. It’s kind of funny when you consider the fact that the media slobbered all over him like he was their next Golden Boy.

My take? Buttigieg took his man-child white guy seat. And there’s only room for one of them.

Anyway, people KNOW he’s failing. Even the people who like him. So MSNBC’s Nicole Wallace wants to know what the media can do to help.

In an absolutely fawning interview, she shreds the media for being “snarky” to her sweet little Beto, asks him how the media can better kiss his butt, and encourages to let MSNBC reporters know when he doesn’t like what’s being covered.

No. I’m not kidding.


MSNBC is totally “real news,” you guys!

Completely unbiased and journalistically sound!

Imagine – for a moment – someone on MSNBC saying something similar to a Republican. It would NEVER happen!