Jeff Daniels, Of Dumb And Dumber Fame, Says The Re-Election Of Trump Would Be The ‘End Of Democracy.’

Mockarena, Co-Founder

If you’re like me, you make all of your personal and political decisions once you have had an opportunity to check in with Hollywood celebrities first to see what you’re supposed to think about stuff.


No? Good – just testing ya.

I’m not sure if y’all knew this, but Jeff Daniels, who played the smarter idiot in the Dumb and Dumber duo alongside fellow nutjob Jim Carrey, is a political expert now. Mark my words – he’s gonna be a new regular on the liberal media talk show rounds, and it’s because he gives leftists the soundbytes they crave, like this one.

Look at Nicolle Wallace lapping up that crap with a spoon. These people are just total imbeciles, and STILL haven’t learned anything from 2016. You’d have thought by now some of them would’ve developed some self-awareness, but nope. They still believe that acting like elitist pr*cks who think they know better than the 60 million+ people who voted for Trump is a solid recruitment strategy.

Yes – way to win over middle America, Hollywood elitists! Keep telling us how awful we are!

Just look at these reactions on Twitter:

There’s plenty more where those came from, unfortunately.

And you know what that does? It feeds into a level of self-absorption that celebrities like Jeff Daniels and Alyssa Milano and others have that is just beyond imagination.

At some point, do you think they’ll realize that this is what middle America thinks of their viewpoints?