Brian Stetler In A Passionate Monologue About The Role Of Media. LOLOLOLOLOLOL.

Mockarena, Co-Founder

This is absolutely priceless.

I think it’s extra perfect that Brian is even posing the question, “What’s the role of the press” given that clearly no one on his station has the first clue. That this question is being asked, and then arrogantly answered, by BRIAN FREAKING STETLER, is an example of how completely off the rails CNN has become.

My favorite moment was at 1.11, when Brian narrowed his eyes, dramatically slowed his words, and said, “WE CAN DO BETTER” in response to Rudy Giuliani’s comment about making morality judgments about people in public office.

BRIAN STETLER is lecturing his audience on morality and ethics now, y’all. Just let that sink in.

Incidentally, it’s NOT part of the media’s role to “stand up for decency and morality.” Their role is SOLELY to report the news. Without bias. Period. The End. Why is this so hard for them to comprehend?