Tucker Describes the ‘Single Most Humiliating Thing That Has Ever Happened To The White House Press’

Ashley (Kimber)

I watched a lot of coverage on the Mueller report last night.


I wanted to see how the MSM would handle it.

Short answer: not well.

Rachel Maddow, for example, has made the Russia investigation her entire LIFE for the last year. Watching her twist and turn to try to spin this garbage into “proof” that Trump did, in fact, do what she’s been endlessly screeching about was absolutely maddening.

How does anyone buy this crap?

The scary part is – people do. Millions of Americans tune in and eat up her garbage.

Tucker Carlson is calling the MSM out for the harm they’ve done to this nation over the past two years:

“Mueller’s investigation ended critical momentum from the 2016 election almost immediately. It’s the momentum that every incoming president uses to get your program enacted, to make good on the promises you just made to voters. Trump didn’t have that, thanks to Russia.

Lawmakers, including a shamefully large number of Republicans who we really should name (but we’re out of time but we will at some point) were all much happier to talk about Russia than about changing the status quo in Washington — something they were benefiting from, but which Trump ran against.

And so they did talk about Russia endlessly. The result? An election that should have realigned our political process and changed this country had almost no effect. Two years later, virtually nothing has changed. Millions are still flooding over our border from the third world. They’re encouraged by an army of nonprofits that instruct them to subvert and mock our laws.

The opioid epidemic rages on as horrifying and horrible and destructive as ever. Suicides are up. Our troops are still bogged down in Syria and Afghanistan and many other places. Goldman Sachs still controls our economy. Tech companies are still spying on you, crushing your freedom of speech. You can still have your life ruined for supporting the wrong candidate in public or for believing there are two genders.

Most ominous of all and most often ignored: Americans are dying younger and having fewer children. None of this was ever resolved, none of it was ever talked about. The Russia investigation didn’t destroy Trump, but it did a lot to destroy this country.”

And that is EXACTLY what they wanted.

It’s all such a sad state of affairs.