It’s Mueller Time, And I Can’t Stop Laughing At Democrats Freaking On Twitter.

Mockarena, Co-Founder

Holy crap what a bunch of babies Congressional Democrats are.

So at 9.30am ET this morning, Atty General Barr will hold a press conference to brief everyone on the release of the full (but redacted) Mueller report (which is expected to circulate around 11am). Because he’s thorough and effective and no-nonsense, he plans to explain the process used when choosing which parts of the report to redact, so that everyone understands and people aren’t running away with idiotic conspiracy theories without understanding the process.

It makes perfect sense to anyone with an Actual Brain, which is why Democrats are positively apoplectic about it and are tweeting about how little sense it makes. BEHOLD – just LOOK at the crazy:

As far as I know, Atty General Barr doesn’t plan to summarize the full report. He’s planning to explain his redaction process. CALM DOWN, NADLER.

I love how Democrats ALL OF A SUDDEN don’t think Barr has credibility. What a bunch of crybabies these wackjobs are.

“The process is poisoned,” Chuck says. Newsflash you moron – the process was poisoned the second the dossier was used to secure a FISA warrant. The process has been poisoned from the word GO.

Barr isn’t acting like a Trump spokesman. He’s acting like he’s dealing with a bunch of Congressional toddlers who don’t understand process, and he has to explain it to them using small words and a press corps who’ll be certain to get it all on the record.

Congressional Democrats are SO MAD that the report didn’t provide conclusive evidence of collusion, so they’re all hanging their hats on this obstruction of evidence piece which wasn’t proven either way. But let’s think that through for a second. If the report basically exonerates Trump of collusion, then what justice would he have obstructed? You can’t obstruct justice related to a crime that you didn’t commit. Am I missing something?

Newflash, Swalwell. You’ve got this wrong. EVERYONE wants to hear from Barr. No one wants you to run for president. Hope that clears things up for you.

Adam Schiff has been saying he has piles of evidence of collusion for two years. Still waiting on it. Maybe he can find it while he’s working at the bank and waiting on Whoopi Goldberg.

These people are all insufferable fools, and I have to hope that smart Americans see right through their whining.