Pelosi Lands Cover for Time Magazine’s Most Influential People, Hillary Says She’s Proof ‘It Takes a Woman’ to Get the Job Done

Ashley (Kimber)

This is so unbelievably pathetic.

‘Time Magazine’ deemed Nancy Pelosi one of its “Most Influential People.” Granted… that’s not necessarily a good thing. Even Hitler was massively “influential” if you think about it. Influence isn’t necessarily a positive thing.

So sure, Nancy has been very influential. I would personally say her influence has all been negative – but sure, she’s influential either way.

What sort of gets my gears turning is Hillary’s quote about her:

Good grief, Hillary.

First of all, why is ‘Time’ quoting Hillary on this? Who cares what she has to say? Unlike Nancy, Hillary isn’t “influential” at this point. She’s completely irrelevant.

Second – why turn this into a sexist, stupid virtue-signaling monstrosity?

A lot of people agree with me that this is FULL dumb. Including many on the left.

The libs are actually annoyed for a variety of obnoxious reasons:

How DARE she compliment a white woman?!


Love watching them eat their own.