Ilhan Omar: United States Was ‘Founded by Genocide’

Ashley (Kimber)

WATCH: Ilhan Omar says to Raise Hell, Make People Uncomfortable

As an immigrant myself, I take Ilhan Omar’s rabid hatred and disrespect towards our country very personally.

Ilhan and I were about the same age when we moved to this nation.

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I came to this nation, got an education, and spend my life thanking my lucky stars for the opportunity to live in the best place on earth and make whatever I want of my life.

Ilhan came to this nation, got an education, became A CONGRESSWOMAN, and spends her time ripping on how much she hates this country.

The very country that has given her EVERYTHING.

America has afforded this repugnantly ungrateful woman the opportunity to serve in CONGRESS. She has an immensely powerful voice here.

What voice would she have had in her homeland? Would she have been a Congresswoman there?

Her disdain for our nation, however, shouldn’t come as a surprise. She’s always hated it. The proof has always been right in front of us.

According to the Washington Examiner:

Rep. Ilhan Omar, D-Minn., wrote in 2017 that America was founded by genocide and our foreign policy smacks of “neocolonialism.”

Hmm. If this country is such a despicable one, it seems odd that this “Refugee” would seek refuge here?

You’d think she’d rather stay somewhere better. Say…Somalia.

Omar elaborated on her comment more in the article.

“We must confront that our nation was founded by the genocide of indigenous people and on the backs of slaves, that we maintain global power with the tenor of neocolonialism,” she said.

The fact that Democrats shield this woman truly worries me. In fact, they don’t just defend her – they exalt her.

Is this the future they want for us?