BLACKS ONLY: Political Meeting in Georgia Bans White Reporters from Entering

Ashley (Kimber)

The racist double-standard in this nation has reached a boiling point.

How is it that anything and EVERYTHING liberals don’t like is immediately deemed “racist” … but things like this are allowed to happen without so much as blinking an eye?

Organizers of a Wednesday meeting about an upcoming mayoral election in Savannah, Georgia made it ABUNDANTLY CLEAR that white journalists weren’t allowed in the event.

…it looks like we’re back to segregation, aren’t we?

According to USA Today:

“No media (T.V. Radio, etc.) Black Press Only!” read a sign posted on the door of Bolton Street Baptist Church. The Savanah Morning news reports that white reporters were barred from entering the event while multiple black reporters were permitted to enter.

A social media post made by the Trigon Group to promote the meeting says the community gathering was intended to unify support in the African American community behind a single candidate for mayor among multiple candidates. That post also says “Black Media ONLY!”

How is this ok?

I remember when the goal was for the color of people’s skin NOT to matter. Now it seems that it’s the only thing that matters at all.

What happened to the “Dream?”

“I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.”

Is this dream dead and gone?

Video published by local TV station WJCL shows a journalist confronting a candidate for mayor who attended the meeting.

Van Johnson, one of multiple black mayoral candidates to have announced a campaign for the November election, is told by a reporter that he was denied entrance to the meeting.

“I think that’s unfortunate,” Johnson responded.

Johnson also told the station that he believed event organizers had the right to determine who to admit to an event. He suggested he would speak at an event where only white reporters were allowed to attend.

Yeah FREAKING right.

Can you IMAGINE an event where only white reporters were allowed to attend?

I think we all know how that would go.

This is absolutely despicable… and absolutely heartbreaking. This cannot be the direction our nation goes in. This cannot be who we become.