Horrific Terror Attack In New Zealand, Chaos In Israel, And North Korea May End Talks With USA

Mockarena, Co-Founder

So, I missed a lot overnight, apparently.

By now, you’ve probably heard about the terror attack at two mosques in New Zealand. 49 people died in minutes at the hand of some lunatic who we won’t picture and we won’t name, and who LIVE STREAMED the mass shooting in one of the mosques. The second mosque faced an attack at the same time. At least 48 additional were injured.

The primary gunman, who’s being described as a 28 year old white Australian right-wing terrorist, was arrested and charged with murder. Three others have also been arrested. The live streamed video was pulled from Facebook, but not before it had been copied and shared hundreds of times. It’s still available at the sourcelink, which I find completely disgusting on every level. It began with the gunman saying, “Let’s get this party started.”

There were also multiple bombs found attached to two cars belonging to the suspects, and luckily they were disarmed before they could wreak further havoc.

The gunman who live streamed his attack is beyond sick. I haven’t watched the video and won’t, but as it’s described, he’s very calm, methodical, stopped to reload several times, and showed absolutely no mercy, shooting people sometimes twice to make sure they were dead.

A manifesto he wrote and shared on Twitter has been found, in which he claimed to dislike Muslims and particularly hate those who converted to the religion, describing them as “blood traitors.” He chose his targets specifically because he’d learned that they’d have the most worshipers inside.

He also claimed to be a Trump supporter, viewing Trump as a “symbol of renewed white identity and common purpose.” He is violently anti-immigration of any sort, and claimed his attack would be revenge for the hundreds of thousands of deaths caused by “foreign invaders in European lands throughout history.”

He also intended specifically to cause a civil war here in the US, as he implied here:

When a psycho like that writes a manifesto and live streams his terror attack, he wants recognition and fame, and I refuse to give it to him by showing his face or saying his name. This mentality of his is simply demonic on every level.  It’s every bit as evil and demonic as the mentality of radical Islamic terrorists who kill innocent people.

Also happening overnight, Israel was on the receiving end of a rocket attack in Tel Aviv, prompting a return strike on around 100 Hamas targets in the Gaza Strip. Hamas, usually quick to take “credit” for its terror attacks, denied responsibility for the rocket attack, and Israel’s military concluded otherwise. According to this, an agreement has been reached to restore calm, but we’ll have to wait and see how that plays out.

And finally, according to this, North Korea is considering suspending nuclear talks with the United States, because they don’t want to give in to what the US is demanding or continue negotiations.

So it’s been pretty much a completely disastrous night in the world, y’all. And my heart hurts.