Court Rules Against Gun Makers, Says They Can Be Sued Over Sandy Hook Massacre

Hannah Bleau

This is utterly absurd.

On Thursday, a Connecticut court ruled that families of those who died in the Sandy Hook massacre can sue the gun manufacturer, Remington.

“My son was killed in a shooting in a school so I can’t use words like excited or happy because I’m here for a terrible tragedy. I’m just glad the case is moving forward,” Ian Hockley told the Herald.

Hockley, father of 6-year-old Dylan Hockley who was killed in the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting, said the court’s judgement has allowed families to continue fighting.

Gun maker Remington can now be sued over how it marketed the Bushmaster rifle used to kill 20 children and six educators at Sandy Hook Elementary School in 2012, a divided Connecticut Supreme Court ruled.

This is utterly absurd. Why should the manufacturer of an inanimate object be held responsible for the actions of a murderous monster? It’s not like they went out of their way to advertise their guns as mass slaughtering machines. It’s insanity.

The plaintiffs include a survivor and relatives of nine people killed in the massacre. They argue the AR-15-style rifle used by shooter Adam Lanza is too dangerous for the public and Remington glorified the weapon in marketing it to young people.

The lawsuit states the AR-15 rifle has “little utility for legitimate civilian purposes” and the military characteristics of the gun serve as a main selling point.

What’s next? If some lunatic stabs a dozen people with a KitchenAid knife, should the families of the victims be able to sue KitchenAid directly? I mean, why the heck not? This is the line of logic we’re dealing with here.

What happened was beyond a nightmare, but this isn’t the answer.

h/t Boston Herald