The College Admissions Scandal Has Just Cost Those Elitist Jerks A Lot More Money AND I AM LOVING EVERY MINUTE OF IT.

Mockarena, Co-Founder

I love this.

Lori Loughlin has just lost her gig with the Hallmark Channel. Sephora has ended its partnership with Lori’s entitled bitchy daughter, Olivia. A fashion brand out of Australia called Princess Polly has taken down a dedicated page for Olivia from its website.

And I am in a total state of glee about it, you guys.

THERE ARE CONSEQUENCES. I was so afraid when all of this broke that these impossibly self-important celebrities wouldn’t face any consequences other than a couple days of public humiliation. But it’s looking as though my fears were unfounded.

I’ll be the most happy when the kids get expelled, they lose ALL sponsorship and endorsements, and the parents do a little time. Then we’ll know that the system works.

But in the meantime, this’ll tide me over.

The bigger worry is how society at large will treat these people. As we well know, and as Daisy and I often remark on our radio show, we live in a culture that rewards terrible behavior. I want to believe that “influencer” Olivia will lose followers and reach and influence, but she’s hardly the most detestable influencer out there. All things considered, her behavior is tame compared to some other folks out there (*cough* cashmeousside *cough*).


Let’s just enjoy this moment, shall we?