AOC Tries Showing She’s ‘Just Like Us’ By Asking For Decorating Tips, Fails Miserably

Hannah Bleau

Whether you like it or not, AOC knows how to work social media. (Although one could argue that Trump really started that phenomenon.) AOC does a lot of “live” videos, casually answering questions while chopping veggies in her kitchen. It’s one of those “I’m just like you” shticks. This is also one of those:

AOC wants you to imagine her working hard all day by #resisting Trump in Congress and going home to a beanbag chair. She’s JUST LIKE YOU!

Except…no she’s not. Need I remind everyone where she lives? She lives in a luxury apartment building in DC’s Navy Yard neighborhood. Word has it studio apartments in her building start at $2,000 a month. Again, $2,000 FOR A STUDIO. I guarantee she doesn’t live in a studio.