Caught In ANOTHER LIE: AOC’s Boyfriend DID Get Paid

Ashley (Kimber)

AOC Might Be In Big Trouble After Being Busted In Another Lie, Here’s The Latest

Remember when AOC and her Chief of Staff got ULTRA defensive when it was exposed that AOC’s boyfriend had a Congressional email?

According to Fox News:

The democratic socialist waded into the issue in response to a tweet alleging boyfriend Riley Roberts had been put on staff. The tweet included a screenshot of an official House email address. Ocasio-Cortez insisted that he was only given the email account so he could access her calendar.

Is it nonsense, though? Or are you hiding something?

“Actually this calendar designation is a permission so he can have access to my Google Calendar. Congressional spouses get Gcal access all the time,” Ocasio-Cortez wrote, after a political consultant Luke Thompson tweeted the picture showing Roberts having an official account like other staffers on the Hill. “Next time check your facts before you tweet nonsense.”

Her chief of staff, insisted that the boyfriend isn’t on the payroll and that he’s not doing any work related to the government.



Looks like AOC has learned A LOT from her socialist predecessors! “SCREW THE PEOPLE, PAY YOUR FAMILY! ”

How VERY interesting!


She’ll have three houses like Uncle Bernie IN NO TIME!