Hillary Clinton Is Losing A Fight With The Official GOP Twitter Account And I Am LOL.

Mockarena, Co-Founder

Hillz must really really really enjoy losing or something.

It all started with this:

I don’t know when Trump used that phrase, but I can only assume that he used it in a speech somewhere, and the GOP decided to quote him in a meme, not remembering or simply not caring that “Stronger Together” was Hillary Clinton’s slogan, because when it was her slogan it was a colossal gigantic FAIL.

But Hillary likes thinking she’s clever, and she decided to pounce.

A total knee-slapper, amirite? SO CLEVER.


I wasn’t expecting the GOP to slap back, but they did, and I totally LOLd at it.


Speaking of running again, did y’all see that Kamala Harris and Amy Klobuchar reportedly have both sought out Hillary’s advice for their 2020 campaigns?  What is it with Democrats looking to losers for everything?  They chose Stacey Abrams to give the SOTU rebuttal, their presidential candidates are leaning on Hillary, Bernie Sanders is probably gonna run again – what IS that?

Anyway, no response back to the GOP from Hillary yet.  But I’ll keep a lookout. 🙂