Anti-Semitic Jerks Dial It Up A Notch, And I Want To Vomit

Hannah Bleau

You know the story. Rep. Ilhan Omar is a raging anti-Semite and who got her wrists slapped after being a little TOO outwardly hostile. She issued a non-apology apology…

and all was quickly forgiven and forgotten.

That’s right. Trump called on her to resign.

But MAAAAAAN do those anti-Semitic hags stick together. Check out what garbage human Tamika Mallory– yes, the same woman who refuses to affirm Israel’s right to exist– has to say about all of this.

Louis Farrakhan is a conspiracy theory?


This isn’t about race. It’s about YOU HAGS THINKING YOU CAN SAY AND ACT HOWEVER YOU WANT because of your “minority” status. No. You DO NOT get to say anti-Semitic things just because you’re black or Muslim.

Literally suck it.

Again– this is coming from the raging anti-Semitic idiot who refuses to affirm’s Israel’s right to exist. You are human garbage. You hear me in the back? HUMAN GARBAGE. STHU you hag. I’d like to see you condemn ACTUAL RACISTS like Louis Farrakhan with the same passion and enthusiasm.

There’s a reason you don’t, and we know it.

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