Nancy Condemns, Ilhan Apologizes, And Nothing Has Changed At All

Ashley (Kimber)

Nancy realizes her new girls are running amok, so she’s released a statement on Ilhan Omar’s recent anti-Semitic comments:


You know things are BAAAD in the Democrat party when their new crop of lunatics makes Nancy look like the sane one.

And here’s an interesting thought:

This is MESSY.

Anyway, it’s clear Ilhan got her hand smacked because she’s “apologized.”

Yeeeah, girlfriend’s in trouble with Ringleader Nance. And let’s be real, she regrets nothing. That last paragraph makes it CLEAR. But even if it didn’t, she’s shown us her true colors time, and time, and time again.



She should just print out a bunch of note cards that say “WOOPS. Sorry ’bout the anti-Semitic trope. I know better for now.” and hand them out each time she “slips up.”

Meanwhile, she’s still on our Foreign Affairs Committee. So there’s THAT.