James Woods’ Picture Shows Sad State Of American Respect

Ashley (Kimber)

I hate this so incredibly much:


Four able-bodied young people and not ONE of them can give up their seat for a feeble little old lady. (PS, there are five people in this picture, James. But your point is still valid.)

I have so many questions. Do they SEE her? Do they see here there and IGNORE the fact that she clearly needs a seat more than they do? Do they truly feel comfortable letting this little old lady stand there, hunched over a pole, as they sit on their a$$es?

Or are they so absorbed in their own little worlds that they simply DON’T see her there?

Which is worse? Which is more dangerous?

This is so emblematic of what’s going wrong in America right now. People only think of themselves. They’re so wrapped up in their own little bubbles they can’t, or sometimes REFUSE to see what’s going on around them.

It’s a sad, sad state of affairs… and it’s perfectly summed up in this picture.

Sad, indeed.