Aaaaand The “Green New Deal” FAQ Page Got Taken Down

Ashley (Kimber)

AOC’s Green New Deal is even better than we thought.

And by better, I mean LAUGHABLY TERRIBLE.

For one, it’s ACTUALLY funny. I mean like LOL-at-you-not-with-you funny. She talks about cow farts.

She also wants to provide for people who are “unwilling” to work. Because you know. Sometimes work just sucks and you shouldn’t have to work if you don’t WANNA.

AAANYWAY. We’re all equally amused and horrified right now. …but it looks like the Dems might be horrified, too.

The FAQ page got pulled.



The internet has some theories:



The typos weren’t what made it not make sense. The content was DUMB whether or not it was grammatically correct.

Yes. Yes, I would.


That’s GOTTA be it.

Of course, you can still read ALL of the hilarity here.

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