World Trade Center Lights Up Pink For The Most Disgusting Reason Imaginable

Hannah Bleau

Shame on New York. Shame shame shame.

NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo just signed the Reproductive Health Act into law, which essentially gives the green light to abortions after the 24-week mark.

The bill was first introduced in the Democratic-run Assembly in 2006, but not been taken up by the Senate until the Democrats wrested control from Republicans this year.

The current iteration of the bill would for the first time allows abortions after the 24-week mark to protect the mother’s health or in cases where the fetus won’t survive.

Additionally, the law, “removes abortion from the criminal code and clarifies that a range of medical professionals, not just licensed physicians, can perform the procedure.”

It gets worse.

They’re actually celebrating the murder of innocent babies.

Such unspeakable evil.

h/t NY Post