This Is What It’s Like To Argue With Liberals On Twitter

Mockarena, Co-Founder

So, I think most folks are in agreement that Twitter is filled with its share of really stupid people. Daisy calls Twitter the 7th circle of hell and stays off of it most of the time. I am on it during our radio show, from 9-11am weekdays, because some of the real-time comments in response to the topics we’re discussing are hilarious. And every now and then, outside of our show time, I’ll check out our mentions to see what’s up.

And I usually end up regretting that. Case in point.

Earlier, Ashley wrote about Tamika Mallory continuing to support Louis Farrakhan, and getting called out for it by Meghan McCain. In response to that post, which we tweeted out, this random dude came at us, demanding that we condemn Steve King’s comments, calling us hypocrites for not doing so, without bothering to realize that we had, in fact, condemned Steve King’s comments.


I let him know what I thought about that.

Now, a normal, rational human being might see that, realize they made an incorrect assumption, and either own it or just slither away quietly.  But Raymond D isn’t a normal, rational human being.  He’s a Leftist.  So this is how the rest of the convo went.

I mean, at that point, I thought maaaaaaaaaaaybe there was a chance he hadn’t seen my first reply, or that he hadn’t clicked on the link, or that he’d clicked on it but hadn’t bothered to read it.  So I thought telling him to learn to read was an appropriately strong hint that he’d FREAKING MISSED SOMETHING.  But nope – Raymond kept going.

But Raymond D’s not interested in reading.  He’s just interested in doubling down, and talking about Mitch (???) completely out of context.

I had to block him at that point, y’all.  I mean, DAYUM.

Anyway, I grabbed screenshots in case one day he realizes he’s a dumbass and wants to erase evidence of said dumbassery.  It’ll be forever here, on our Wall of Shame.


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