AOC Thinks She’s A Hero For Wearing Red Lipstick And Hoops

Hannah Bleau

I cannot believe this complete socialist imbecile is a lawmaker. If it makes you feel better, she’d never be able to win in any sane district of the country, but that’s neither here nor there.

She’s been on the job for a few days, and what has she done?

I wish that was a joke.

She’s constantly playing the victim. CONSTANTLY. Now she’s trying to project a tough “girl from the Bronx” attitude over people telling her to take her hoops out, even though no one cares about her hoops. GIRL. You didn’t invent the red lips and hoops look. It’s not a thing exclusive to the Bronx, which you would obviously know because you’re not from there, Sandy from Westchester.

I wear a red lip and hoops often. You’re not doing something iconic or heroic or edgy. PLEASE.