Elizabeth Warren’s Name Change Has People Scratching Their Heads

Ashley (Kimber)

Everyone who knows anything about politics realizes Elizabeth Warren ENTIRELY blew her 2020 nomination with that stupid DNA test of hers. We’ve known she’s TOAST for a while now.

And yet, the will-she-won’t-she game continues.

Give it UP, sister. This isn’t gonna work for you.

Nevertheless, she’s persisting (see what I did there?) as evidenced by her recent Twitter name change.

According to BPR:

The name of Democratic Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s campaign’s Twitter account changed Saturday night, reigniting speculation she has plans to launch a bid for the presidency in 2020.

@CongressChanges, a Twitter bot that monitors changes to lawmakers’ Twitter accounts, tweeted Warren re-named her account @ewarren. Prior to the change, the account was @elizabethforma, a nod to her home state of Massachusetts.

Dropping the Massachusetts, huh? Cuz she’s going NATIONWIDE?!

Not according to her. Sometimes. We can’t really pin her down.

Warren, who said in June she would not be running for president, seemingly flipped on her word and announced less than three months later she would take a “hard look” at launching a presidential campaign following the midterms. During an interview leading up to her November election, Warren refused to commit to serving her full term in the Senate if re-elected.

The Massachusetts senator has also been quietly shopping for office space in the Boston area to headquarter her possible presidential campaign, according to a report earlier in December.

I’m sorry, but this is straight-up PATHETIC. Does she REALLY think she still stands a chance?

I’d feel pity for her if she didn’t suck so bad.