‘Feminist Next Door’s’ “No Men” Hypothetical MAJORLY BACKFIRES

Ashley (Kimber)

Why do ‘feminists’ think stupid crap like this is cool?


I would do exactly the same crap as I always do, but I would really, really miss my fiance, my brother, my father, and the other wonderful men who make my life great. How’s that?

Wait…Is my cat Napoleon allowed to exist? Or are males of all species out of bounds? He often sits on my lap as I write. Is that patriarchal oppression on his part?

I’m not the only person who thinks this crap is getting OLD.

(My man helps me put spiders into cups to move them somewhere safe, because he’s wonderful and I love him.)

Seriously though… what about a day without hateful, sexist feminists?

I don’t understand this. If gender is just a social construct, and there are no real differences between men and women, then what difference would it make? /sarc