Chuck Schumer Throws A Temper Tantrum …About Trump’s Temper Tantrum

Ashley (Kimber)

Chuck Schumer thinks Trump’s throwing a GORSH DARNED temper tantrum.

Is that what we’re calling border security now?

A temper tantrum?

Again… he’s been VERY upfront about his plans to shut the government down if funding for the wall wasn’t passed.

I have a hard time equating the need to secure our borders to a “temper tantrum.”

And yet… here he goes again:

This could easily be a drinking game. Take a shot anytime this moron calls Trump standing up for what THE PEOPLE ELECTED HIM TO DO a “temper tantrum”

…it’s really not a safe game.


Chuck Schumer wants you to know that he doesn’t like walls here or there, we would not like them anywhere.

Pass funding for a wall?

He would not, could not in a tree. Not in a car! You let him be. He does not like them in a box, he does not like them with a fox, he does not like them in a house, he does not like them with a mouse, he does not like them here or there. He does not like them anywhere!!!


TELL ME about it.